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  1. Chains Derek Christie 3:34
  2. The Messenger Is Dead Derek Christie 5:28
  3. Wherever It Takes You Derek Christie 4:47
  4. The Stars Derek Christie 5:32
  5. This Is Your Time Derek Christie 3:33
  6. These Are Your Best Years Derek Christie 4:47
  7. Evangeline Derek Christie 5:28
  8. Nothing Left To Burn Derek Christie 4:51
  9. Long Way To Go Derek Christie 3:06
  10. Going Home Derek Christie 5:47

It's thoroughly a signature DC album that meets expectations and at the same time completely expands the idea of what a signature DC album can be. So many brilliant surprises and turns. It's got big riffs, but it's got tiny details littered everywhere.Kevin Zarnett, singer/songwriter

This record needs to go viral! Grooveadelic AF!!!Matt Phillips, CsC

Great songs. So nice to hear a real rock record again!Scott Matthews, producer, Head of Sound Stratford Theatre

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