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  1. Chains Derek Christie 3:34
  2. The Messenger Is Dead Derek Christie 5:28
  3. Wherever It Takes You Derek Christie 4:47
  4. The Stars Derek Christie 5:32
  5. This Is Your Time Derek Christie 3:33
  6. These Are Your Best Years Derek Christie 4:47
  7. Evangeline Derek Christie 5:28
  8. Nothing Left To Burn Derek Christie 4:51
  9. Long Way To Go Derek Christie 3:06
  10. Going Home Derek Christie 5:47

"All in all, I thought Derek Christie’s DC, with its deep dive into past influences, had a rich sound and varied approach. There’s lots of good qualities about this recording that I enjoyed. I think Christie’s invitation for many other musicians and singers to record with him helped to achieve a rich sounding album. "- Jay Freedman, Divide and Conquer Music

It's thoroughly a signature DC album that meets expectations and at the same time completely expands the idea of what a signature DC album can be. So many brilliant surprises and turns. It's got big riffs, but it's got tiny details littered everywhere.Kevin Zarnett, singer/songwriter

This record needs to go viral! Grooveadelic AF!!!Matt Phillips, CsC

Great songs. So nice to hear a real rock record again!Scott Matthews, producer, Head of Sound Stratford Theatre

Good songs, great feel and terrific production. Love all the horns. If you're into David Bowie and Lou Reed, this could be right up your alley. A latter day Iggy Pop vibe to it. A great record from start to finish. To my ears this is easily one of the best records I've heard this year, with not a single bad track on it, terrific songwriting and lyrics, and inspired playing. It also sounds very good, produced by the multi-talented brilliantfish. Do yourself a favour, and check out Derek Christie on Bandcamp, and maybe pick up this album for yourself.Martin Murry, The Diamond Mine

This veteran of the Toronto music scene explores various musical styles on his recent album, DC. “I wanted to reflect a diverse taste in my love for music,” Christie says. “Each song is unique, but there is a common thread throughout.” The album leads off with ‘Chains’, which “uses the metaphor of sobriety to celebrate redemption and change.” It blends Christie’s Fender Telecaster and gravel-tinged voice with Memphis-style horns and backing vocals by Laurelle Augustyn and Michelle White. “Gonna lose these blues / Shake this sin / The monkey on your back / This is where we begin.”Birch Street Radio

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